What we are

As India powers into a high-growth trajectory, there is a need for entrepreneurs and managers to be aware of the incoming flux and adapt to the whirlwind changes, stay competitive and go forward continually. These require knowledge, guidance, mentoring, strategic thinking and above all, the ability to anticipate the change.

It is where MentorGuru comes in.

MentorGuru has unique strengths. Firstly, MentorGuru founders had gone through the grind several times over and they are simply practical in their approach. Whether it is mentoring, management consulting or strategy planning; MentorGuru is a high-performance source for entrepreneurs and consultants wanting to perform well. The mentorGuru founders have a combined experience of 65 man years in Entrepreneurship, Corporate leadership, Marketing, Realty, Technology and Branding.

As a business principle, MentorGuru stands committed to excellence in the above areas. The founders with their years of vast practical experience, gained from across India and other parts of the world, from the diversified global markets and from very eminent and successful personalities of commerce and industry, will map and use that experience for the development of your enterprise.

The Mentors have an extensive network of contacts in many areas that can add value to your company, such as in acquiring key personnel, providing contacts in different fields of operation, introductions to strategic partners and identifying source of funds.. High credibility and integrity of our promoters supplemented by the gesture of “sharing the knowledge” helps in enhancing the “feel good “factor for a budding entrepreneur who comes to us.

In brief, MentorGuru travels the path others fear to tread. And it walks the talk. It can help create newer perspectives and give a totally different dimension to business strategies. MentorGuru can help develop a keen sense of observation and a knack of understanding of the dampening factors that hold up the potential of enterprises.

Welcome to MentorGuru!